March 28, 2010

First. Again...

Everybody has their own very first day as an employee. meaning the starting point of their career.

Well, its my turn today. Happened to be the very first anniversary too. (luv u babe!)

How nice is it to have two different events but yet same damn first of everything.

Woke up early in the morning which was never happened before(or perhaps happens on a very special yet seldom occasion. haha), hit the grocery shop, bought 4 of those gardenia's choc bread, and off to work.

Drivin' 90 on the hill's road, while munchin' every bits of the not-so-bad-and-tasteless bread. it wasn't so bad.

Listenin' to Too Phat's cassette (yeah mom's car got no cd/mp3 player), shiftin' gears every sharp corners with the best focus and precision (haha), was kinda sad.

just coz had to wake up so early, i ain't a morning person.

arrived half an hour after, with the shouting from the pakguard telling "Takdak org lg lah dik, tak mai lg". Damn.

8 in the mornin' already at the site, couldn't believe myself was that hyped.

parked the car, straight to the office.

said hi to all my colleagues and started the very first task of the day like it was the payday. sent the OT sheet to be filled up by the colleagues.

afterward we off to the plant sites, started to learn and acknowledged all the plant sites and most important of all, those responsible representin' the workers.

it wasn't so bad either until...the "helping a colleague in the task of counting inventories a.k.a materials" part where accidentally made myself my own 'double tracks'. haha. got a span-of-hand-long-scratch by the fallin' metals while trying to count em. tough luck. lucks got tougher when it also tore off my skin and my pants leavin' a huge hole on it.

got back to the office, washed the wound, headed back to the site and counted some more. finished the task, got inside the office, colleagues commented like "whoaa.. bet it was Wani's fault tryna makin' a mark before she's leavin' for good eh?"

hahaha was funny. treated the wound and off doin' some more tasks. it was fast.

but man...couldn't believe that i got myself a some sort of a title from those in the Main Con's JV guys "Asam Boi" happened before lunch, went there just to know some personnel needed for some other tasks. the fuck wit Asamboi? hahaha thought it was coz of the tore-off pants or maybe as a 'new guy', but one of my colleagues told it was coz of sumtin' else. shit.

after that, nuthin' very interestin' happened. just normal training session wit Wani, the soon-to-be ex-admin. seems like having a huge hole on your pants is a common thing in this kind of workplace, so not interestin' either.

but, workin' there sure was fun and all we did mostly was talkin', chillin', smokin' and drinkin'. yes, drinkin' most of the times makin' me bloated. but heck who cares! free drinks. hahaha

finally, 27th is the anniversary but nuthin' interestin' happened for us. no celebration, no calling for hours, no nuthin'. (haha im sorry babe, but i still luv u. the thoughts that counts rite? hehe :P)

March 11, 2010

To Go or Not To Go

Matta Fair. 12-14 March. From 10am. PWTC.
Actually, it's not about this fair at all.

At first I thought that I would be okay not going to my graduation. However, after seeing most of my frens whom had graduated last year were all went to their grad ceremony and got back with a big fat smile to their ears, big chunks of flowers, and the most important of all, not the scroll but the photo of them in their robe holding the scroll in front of the graduation signs made me thinking, maybe I should go to!

Well yeah maybe I should. It should be fun.

March 05, 2010


pheww..never thought that the first post of a blog could be this tough, maybe the toughest and hardest post of all.
always seems so easy looking or reading on other people's posts makes me thinking, "maybe i should blog too.."
Heck! ain't got nuthin to do wit 'easy'..only got attracted on how my man Joe could keep on gettin money out of his blog. trust me, its tempting.
but as i mentioned earlier, always seems so easy to blog posting..but not for me i guess.
had no idea for several nuthin' to talk about.
but finally, it's on!
this is all thanks to my W660i for the blue-tooth internet support it has in it. but spent rm6 for a day of usage for it. damn.
after got online..all of a sudden got reminded of my so-called 'blog' which i had already created almost a month ago.
now for a proper intro.

Hi all, errrr….
i actually have no idea what should i tell or write on a please bare with me aight? haha
maybe i should tell about my backgrounds as a proper intro??

owh yeah, im from taiping perak. born and raised.
currently unemployed, a fresh-grad.
im into all sorts of music and challenging activities.
im no drinker so my mouth's free off cavities.
a smoker, sometimes when problems around.
to release stress without making a sound.
i respect my parents, relatives and oldies.
as a matter of fact, i dont even smoke in front of small kids especially babies..
im a plain guy, ain't famous among girls.
but i ain't single, been blessed with a beautiful girl.
i love Nike, sneakers, Hiphop, basketball, and gadgets from Sony.
i hate backstabbers and those who sound too phony.
but i dont judge, i am nobody to judge people.
so i just say F Off, instead of stabbing people, go play some marbles!

i think its enough for now..anything else, ask me.
i would like to apologize for any offending words or statements made in this very first post of mine.chalow~

p/s: Joe, Wan, Zia, hangpa jgn gelak kutuk2 kalo baca natang alah nih na. hahaha