March 05, 2010


pheww..never thought that the first post of a blog could be this tough, maybe the toughest and hardest post of all.
always seems so easy looking or reading on other people's posts makes me thinking, "maybe i should blog too.."
Heck! ain't got nuthin to do wit 'easy'..only got attracted on how my man Joe could keep on gettin money out of his blog. trust me, its tempting.
but as i mentioned earlier, always seems so easy to blog posting..but not for me i guess.
had no idea for several nuthin' to talk about.
but finally, it's on!
this is all thanks to my W660i for the blue-tooth internet support it has in it. but spent rm6 for a day of usage for it. damn.
after got online..all of a sudden got reminded of my so-called 'blog' which i had already created almost a month ago.
now for a proper intro.

Hi all, errrr….
i actually have no idea what should i tell or write on a please bare with me aight? haha
maybe i should tell about my backgrounds as a proper intro??

owh yeah, im from taiping perak. born and raised.
currently unemployed, a fresh-grad.
im into all sorts of music and challenging activities.
im no drinker so my mouth's free off cavities.
a smoker, sometimes when problems around.
to release stress without making a sound.
i respect my parents, relatives and oldies.
as a matter of fact, i dont even smoke in front of small kids especially babies..
im a plain guy, ain't famous among girls.
but i ain't single, been blessed with a beautiful girl.
i love Nike, sneakers, Hiphop, basketball, and gadgets from Sony.
i hate backstabbers and those who sound too phony.
but i dont judge, i am nobody to judge people.
so i just say F Off, instead of stabbing people, go play some marbles!

i think its enough for now..anything else, ask me.
i would like to apologize for any offending words or statements made in this very first post of mine.chalow~

p/s: Joe, Wan, Zia, hangpa jgn gelak kutuk2 kalo baca natang alah nih na. hahaha

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